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Name: Smiley
Age: 15

Name: Saren Age:13 E-mail:
My name is Saran, and I play piano, read, and do many things with Smiley, because we know each other, go to the same school and church, and go to each others houses. I would also like to know someone new!
Name: Adam R Age:18 E-mail: I attend Shenandoah Valley Academy and I love it here! SVA is the best academy anywhere! I love friends, reading, chillin', drawing, writing, and definitely singing. I am 5' 7" and I have neck-length beautiful, dark hair. I am sweet and considerate and my friends love to talk to me about anything and everything because I am a great listener. I am also sometimes considered a flirt. I love God most of all though.
Name: Aneesah Moore Age: 14 E-mail: Hi, I'm a friend of Smiley, and I like sports, track especially, and my computer. I looking for a pen pal to write. If you come to this message e-mail me. It will be nice to hear from you. God loves you!

Send me your name, e-mail address, and anything about your self that you want to be listed here!!