A heart is not a play thing,
  a heart is not a toy,
  but if you want it broken,
  Just give it to a boy.

  Boys they like to play with things
  To see what makes them run,
  But when it comes to kissing,
  They do it just for fun.
  Boys never give their hearts away
  They play us girls for fools,
  They wait until we give our hearts
  And then they play it cool.

  You will wonder where he is a night
  You will wonder if he's true,
  One moment you will be happy,
  One moment you will be blue.

  If you get a chance to see him
  Your heart begins to dance
  Your life revolves around him,
  There's nothing like romance.

  And then it starts to happen,
  You worry day and night
  You see, my friend, you're losing him
  It never turns out right.

  Boys are great, though immature
  The price you pay is high,
  He may seem sweet and gorgeous
  But remember, he's a guy.

  Don't fall in love with just a boy
  That takes a lot of nerve.
  You see, my friend, you need a man
  To get what you deserve.

  So when you think that you're in love,
  Be careful if you can
  Before you give your heart away
  Make sure that he's a man.

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